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My name is Judson.

I am a Copywriter and Creative Director in New York City.

I'm assuming you're here to look at my work.

Please go right ahead. I'll wait here.

An Ocean Away From Everyday.
Rebranding, rebuilding and reenergizing venerable seafood QSR Long John Silver’s.
 Whisky-Marinated Wisdom.
Tommy Dewar, the original hipster, sells the family wares to a whole new generation.

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 Combining “Safety” and “Blades”.
Also: “How To Quickly Pull A Million Dollar Spot Out Of A Very Uncomfortable Place.”

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 The Consummate Carnivore.
LongHorn Steakhouse takes to social media to tackle the manners of eating meat.

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 An Uncomfortable Conversation.
Using the words of the abusers to give a voice to the abused.

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 Getting Down After Dark.
Churchill Downs gets social with new advertising and geolocation-based mobile site.

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 Shmear Genius.
A mobile loyalty program app. Minus that whole annoying “app” part.

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 Honoring Agriculture’s Roots.
Celebrating the centennial of Dekalb, one of agriculture’s most enduring brands.

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About Me
Recent NYC-transplant (by way of Louisville, Ft Lauderdale, St Louis, Detroit and Chicago... yes, advertising takes you places).

I’m a copywriter by trade, but have extensive experience in Adobe Creative Cloud, Keynote, ProTools, Marketo, HTML and CMS platforms like Joomla! and WordPress.

While I've mostly worked "general market" advertising, I've had tours of duty with finance and biotechnology - in other words, the "you-can't-say-that-but-figure-out-how-to-say-it-anyways" type accounts.

I'm a former (recovering) audio producer and engineer, music composer and voiceover artist. Trust me, that comes in handy all the time. Need a quick music edit, video storyboard or voiceover? I'm on it.

I am far more motivated to see the client’s sales and awareness go up than win awards. Yes, I’ve won a few, but I don’t remember where they are.

I love presentations, writing decks and helping clients see and adopt our creative vision as their own.

I just moved to NYC this year. Getting all of my records here wasn’t fun. I’m never moving again.

I was voted “most talented” by my 8th grade class. This can not be overstated.
Get A Hold
Hopefully you’re excited at the prospect of us working together in the future and not a bill collector or angry neighbor.

Beyond LinkedIn, I don’t share my social media pages because I really want you to like me. Trust me, it’s for the best.
LEGAL: All trademarks property of their respective owners. In some cases, pre-production or variations of final copyrighted materials have been substituted. In other words, if it doesn't exactly match the one you saw on television, big f^(#ing deal.