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Sometimes being the relief pitcher agency has the occasional perk. Our client Darden / LongHorn Steakhouse was getting ready to begin a brand new advertising and marketing campaign (“You Can’t Fake Steak”) with their new above-the-line agency Neo/Ogilvy. But for whatever reason or reasons, the launch had been pushed back, a few days had become months and the LongHorn brand had gone all but completely dark.

Sure, we were just the lowly menu and staff-button designers, but we were tasked with coming up with an interstitial social media campaign to keep the lights on. Oh, and they wanted to see something in 72 hours. Luckily for them, my team could eat these sorts of briefs for a light breakfast. “Meatiquette”, a Facebook-centric app detailing the finer points of proper carnivorousness was born.
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Somewhere between the urgency and the client’s attention no doubt being affixed on getting their new campaign out of the ether, I found myself given near total free reign to write the way I wanted to see it written. That was good, since this app wound up occupying over forty individual pages.

The client presentation went swimmingly, with a grand total of maybe five words changed. And though it was a brief flash in their social media pan, shares, follows, likes and glowing interactions soared.
As I said above, it’s not always as fun being the below-the-line shop all the time, but you never know what kind of scraps are going to fall of the table. Sometimes those are the opportunity to do your best work.